members of the Board of Trustees

The members of the Board of Trustees are engaged personally and primarily on a voluntary basis to promote knowledge and understanding of contemporary architecture in the Basel region. Supporting them in their efforts is the excellent relationship network of the Patronage Committee.


Beat Aeberhard, Director, Planning Department, Kanton Basel-Stadt
Werner Blaser, Publicist and Architect, Basel

Reto Geiser, Architect, Houston

Dorothee Huber, Art Historian, Basel

Martin Josephy, Architect and Publicist, Basel

Thomas Jung, Director, Planning Department, Kanton Basel-Landschaft

René Kamm, CEO, Messe Basel AG

Prof. Dr. Vittorio Magnano Lampugnani, gta / NSL, ETH Zurich

Manuel Levy, entrepreneur, Basel

Lilian Pfaff, Art Historian, Los Angeles

Hans-Peter Platz, former Editor In Chief, Basler Zeitung, Basel

Alban Rüdisühli, Architect, Basel

Herbert Schmid, Architect, Basel

John Schmid, Art & Communications, Basel

Alicia Soiron, Art Historian and Architect, Basel

Hans-Peter Thür, CEO, werk, bauen und wohnen, Zurich


Fausto De Lorenzo